McMillen Hyrdraulic Augers

McMillen Hydraulic Augers are the best in the business for almost any application you can think of that requires an auger, including Drilling thru rock? Yep, they are built to power and bore thru difficult ground with the HDR style auger bit. Get your hole dug in exactly the spot you want it with out the excuses.

Here you will find good information about the entire lineup of McMillen Augers that are powered by your Skid Steers quick attach and Aux. Hydraulics.

Customers know McMillen augers will live up to their high expectations in the field, and get the job done. Add to that McMillen's reputation for exceptional - and rapid - customer service, and you can see why they are the top auger choice of companies who want real value for their money.

There are several different models of quick attach hydraulic auger drives available from McMillen. Click on the model number to get more information.

Complete Line of McMillen Hydraulic Augers

While many competitors limit your choice in which Augers drives and equipment that they can be mounted on, the hydraulic augers from McMillen gives you a wide range of augers to choose from so you can be sure to get exactly the kind of auger you need for your application. Today, the McMillen product line includes chain drive augers, compact skid steer mounted augers, planetary drive augers, direct drive augers, auger extensions, auger bit adapters (hex to round, and round to hex, and more.